Tyler George

March 22, 2022

I started my waterfowl journey as a teenager with six decoys, a cheap shotgun, and the factory chokes that came with it. As my passion grew I slowly upgraded my gear but I never realized the difference that a choke can make on your hunt. When I met my best friend and hunting partner he introduced me to Muller chokes and from the first shot that I took at a passing mourning dove I knew that something was different. Muller chokes is an example of quality and lethality unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The patterns that these chokes put out are absolutely devastating for any duck, goose, crane, dove, quail, or clay target that happens to fly in front of your gun. Any hunter that puts a Muller in their gun is instantly going to see tighter patterns, longer range, less crippled game, and quality that is unmatched. I won’t put anything but a Muller in my gun!

     - Tyler George