Frequently Asked Questions

At Muller Chokes, we're a little old fashioned. We like to serve our customers in person. However, we've learned that many of you are seeking answers to simple questions and its become more and more difficult for Jim to respond to everyone in as timely a manner as he would like.

We hope you'll find what you are looking for on this page. If you don't, please drop us a line via email so that someone can get back to you in the new, old-fashioned way--via email!

When do you ship your packages?

Our shipping cut off time is 4pm EST. All orders placed AFTER 4pm EST will ship the following business day. We do not ship on Saturdays or Sundays.

Can I use a Tornado or copper brush to clean chokes without damaging them?

Yes. Muller Chokes are harder than your barrels.

What is the best way to clean and care for Muller Choke Tubes?

Most of our competition chokes have a hard ceramic coating which can be prone to chipping.  Please handle them with care.  Don't let them bounce around loosely in your shell bag and make sure not to rest the muzzle on the floor of your cart or on the pavement. 

    Cleaners and lubricants Jimmy Muller recommends for his Choke tubes are Qmaxx Products, Rem Oil, Super Lube. 

    These are safe on all of our Choke tubes… If any other cleaner or lubricant is used and it discolors the Chokes they will not be covered under warranty.


    Do I need to Grease or Oil the threads?

    It is always a great idea to keep lube on your barrel threads to avoid rust or corrosion from the weather. Muller Competition Chokes are 100% covered in ceramic, therefore they can never rust or corrode. While our Waterfowl Chokes are coated with military grade Cerakote and are more rust and corrosion proof than anything else out there, it is a great idea to use a high quality product. We recommend QMaxx Blu as a lube or bearing grease for long term installs.

    How much constriction are the U0, U1, U2, U3, U4 in Thousandths of an inch?

    Depending on bore diameter of your gun it will vary, but as an average they are approx as follows: U0 = .002",U1 = .005", U2 = .012", U3 = .022", U4 = .035"

    Why does Muller Chokes only offer 5 choke constrictions in the competition series?

    Muller Chokes consistently produce the most even pellet distribution possible. You'll find an 'outer fringe' to our shot patterns that will give you an advantage you've never had before. Interestingly, you don't need as many different sized chokes as you have in the past.
    One Muller Choke Tube does the job of two "traditional" tubes. Below is a comparison of how Muller Chokes perform against traditional choke tube constrictions:
    Ü0= Cylinder/Skeet
    Ü1= Skeet/Improved Cylinder
    Ü2= Light Modified/Modified
    Ü3= Modified/Improved Modified
    Ü4= Full/Extra Full
    Muller Chokes will increase your average and put more X's on your score sheet.
    The bottom line is this: Our 5 chokes do the same job as all our competitors 10+ chokes. We will save you space, time, confusion, stress and money. No longer do you need to own a Diffuser, Negative, Cylinder, Skeet1, I.C, L.M. Skeet2, Mod., I.M, Light Full, Full, Extra Full, etc.

    Can I shoot Steel shot thru my Muller Chokes?

    Yes, our H20 hunting chokes and SS Competition Chokes are specifically designed for steel shot. Steel shot #7 is safe in our Featherlites, but larger than #7 Steel is NOT recommended in our Featherlite Competition series and voids all warranties. Buy SS Competition or H20 Waterfowl Hunting chokes for large Steel and Non-Toxic Shot and heavy game Loads. Our H20 Waterfowl/Hunting and SS Competition have NO LIMITS.

    How do Muller Chokes get such even pellet distribution and consistent patterns with the lowest shot-to-shot deviation?

    Our proprietary Patented materials and Gun Specific Patterning Geometries are the reasons behind our even pellet distribution and consistent patterns.

    Are Muller Competition Chokes made of Ceramic and will they shatter or break if dropped?

    No. Muller Chokes are made of Aerospace/Ballistic Aluminum that is twice as strong as steel and then infused with a proprietary ceramic to achieve wear resistance and surface hardness that exceeds a high speed steel drill bit.

    How does a Muller Choke stay so clean after hundreds of rounds......I never have to clean it?

    The proprietary ceramic is blended with a material similar to your non stick frying pan....only harder, to give an extremely high lubricity factor that will not allow plastic wad or carbon to adhere, so it is the cleanest choke in the world. When Jimmy designed his chokes, he knew they'd be easy to maintain--but he had no idea how happy that would make his customers. He does now! Keep the positive comments coming. We love them.

    Muller Chokes claims that the featherlite choke series weighs 1/2 the weight of titanium, but my titanium choke from a competitor weighs just a few grams more than my Muller Choke...whats the deal with that?

    The material our extended choke tubes are made from is 1/2 the weight of titanium, BUT, most Muller chokes are longer than our competitors and have no porting. Therefore, the mass of a Muller Choke is sometimes greater than other chokes. If a Muller Choke was made to the exact size & shape of a competitor's titanium choke then yes, it would weigh half as much. With a Muller Choke, you get the undeniable benefits of an extended choke, without the added weight and without the problems of a ported choke.

    Why does the extended portion length of Muller Chokes vary from one gun manufacturer to another. Example: Browning INV+ extends 1-1/8", but a Krieghoff extends almost 2"?

    Muller chokes are made to a tested and proven geometry that gives your gun the most optimal, consistent and effective pattern that can be achieved. Each type of gun requires a different geometrical design based on its unique bore diameter and barrel metallurgy. We produce chokes specifically for each type of gun that will result in more X's on your scorecard.

    I noticed you sell choke tube wrenches, do I need one?

    Only hand tightening is required for the competition chokes, but it is always best to tighten a choke tube with a wrench.  We offer a high quality speed wrench in both 12 and 20 gauge. Any experienced shooter would tell you that it is always a good idea to have a choke wrench on the course or in the field.

    Why is it that Muller Competition Chokes do not loosen in my muzzle while shooting? I never have to check them between stations like I did with my old screw-in chokes?

    Thanks to extremely quick heat dissipation, our featherlite chokes never get hot. Therefore, they don't expand and contract at a different rate than the gun barrel. In other words, a Muller Choke becomes one with your barrel.

    Will Muller Chokes be building out their line of Sub Gauge Chokes?

    Yes. We currently have .410, 28 & 20 Gauge & continue to add to the line up as capacity permits. Please check our website for regular product additions.

    Do Muller Chokes come in colors other than black?

    While we are able to produce chokes in various colors, we have found that 99% of our customers prefer black.  For now, we are concentrating on the core of our business which is producing the highest performing choke tubes on the market in the classy, barrel complementing black color.

    Can I get my name or other characters lasered on my chokes?

    Yes, for an up charge of $250 we can have your initials or characters lasered onto the chokes.  Contact us via email at info@mullerchokes.com for details.

    How should I store my chokes when I'm not using them?

    We recommend that you store your chokes either in the plastic tubes they come in or in our chokes cases found here: https://mullerchokes.com/collections/accessories We DO NOT recommend that you store your chokes together without containers.

    Please Note: If you decide to store your chokes without the plastic tubes or case, please be aware .410 Bore chokes can fit into the 28 Gauge chokes and become lodged.