I have never felt more confident with any other choke. Jimmy Muller has not only created a superior product but has created a company that makes you feel like you’re part of a family.

-Gebben Miles, 13 time All American, 8 time Team USA, 2010 All-American Team Captain, 2014 PSCA Champion, 2014 Nad Al Sheba World Champion

I have had tremendous success using your choke tubes as a first year ATA shooter. The advantage of your choke tubes has accelerated my success in shooting my first 25. One week after purchase. A week later came my first 50 and 75 at the NY state grounds. I have tested the chokes myself. They significantly improved my pattern over the stock Browning Invector Plus tubes I was using with my Browning XT. After testing at the club, my cheap XT with a U3 had a very similar, close to and as good as the compared Perazzi TM1 fixed full and MX2000 34" fixed full. Wilkinson chokes seem to be the standard as the best trap chokes or choke work. I believe that Jimmy's are just as good, without sending your gun out and having to wait.There is a big market for your tubes for trap.

-Phil Major

I just wanted to let you know how much I like your chokes. I was using [another brand] and they were okay. But Müller Chokes® are so much more effective in pattern consistency. They are as close to perfect as one can get. I am a shooting instructor and I tell all of my students about your chokes. Thanks for the hard work and research you put into making such great products.

-Joe Thomas

I shopped several choke tube manufacturers online and your website was the clearest and best laid out that I viewed. Your presentation and that of what was laid out in forums (actually having Jim interact in forums) and other media convinced me that even if all these chokes: helix, ported (diagonally, laterally or whatever), painted, titanium, stainless steel, feather lite aircraft aluminum, ceramic coatings don’t add up to a hill of beans, I am buying from a good company with a genuine team, Jimmy, Stephanie and Marianne, putting out a product they truly believe in. That is all any consumer could ask for from any company.

-John Ferris Dow, Sporting Events, Skeet & Archery Chairperson, Board of Directors Member for Musketaquid Sportsmen’s Club

I've been using your U2 in my A5 and having great luck with it shooting Hevi-Shot's new lead loads at doves the past few days (Please note: Nothing larger than a #6 shot size can be used with our competition chokes). Yes, this is LEAD load being offered by Environ-Metal, and it's called Hevi-Lead. From what I've seen, it's good stuff and your U2 tube patterns it well. It must have more antimony that regular lead, because it hits doves hard.

-Jarrod Spilger, Freelance Outdoors Writer

I am a master sporting clay shooter and have shot competition trap and sporting clays for over 40 years. I have shot on the US Army shooting team and won a silver medal in the World Championships in Italy and a bronze medal in the World Championships in Spain in International Bunker Trap. I have lead the nation in 16 yd trap with a .9960 average in 1974. I just received a set of U2 and U3 muller chokes and Jim Müller's product is second to none. I have shot all kinds of aftermarket chokes in my lifetime and none can compare with the Müller for shot on pattern and pattern consistency. I really enjoy the breaks I get with both the U2 and U3 Müller Chokes at distances beyond what Jim Muller indicates. This is the cleanest most reliable patterning choke system I have shot in my lifetime. Thank you, Jim Muller, for the best choke system I have ever shot.

-James JW Beck, NSCA #546265

Last weekend, I patterned my Benelli SuperSort and a Müller UFO choke to be used for Turkey hunting. I was going to test another manufactures choke at the same time, but shot the UFO first. At 40 yards I set up a 4’X4’ NRA pattern sheet and put a 12" shoot-n-see target in the center. The load tested was a 3" Winchester Long Beard XL #5 shot shell. I was amazed at the number of shot completely covering the 12" shoot-n-see center. There were a few shots on the perimeter, but the consideration on the shoot-n-see was impressive so much so that I didn't even shoot the second tube. I cannot see how I could get any better coverage with the other choke and it was returned yesterday. One thing for sure, the UFO will equate to a dead Turkey as long as I do my part. I was a little apprehensive because of the price of the choke, but after testing, my personal opinion is that it was money well spent. Thanks, Jimmy, I am a fan.

-Walter Folds

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