Louis Oviedo II

April 26, 2022

I have never had any other chokes perform better, at the range or in the field, than my Muller Chokes.  The staff members at Muller Chokes are friendly, provide excellent customer, and even better chokes. I have been shooting their Stainless-Steel Chokes since 2016 and they have performed flawlessly. To this date, these chokes are producing the same amazing patterns as the first time I used them. My favorite combo is my Beretta DT11 with two U1’s in my NSSA competitions. Two years ago I purchased the H20 Passing Choke for my Beretta A400 Extreme Plus and this is my favorite combo for both dove and waterfowl hunting. Upon using the H20 Passing Choke and immediately noticed less cripples and was folding birds at longer distances. Muller Chokes has the best product on the market no matter the application.

     - Louis Oviedo II