Choke Selection and Information

Our Choke Info

Featherlite and SS Constrictions: U0 has most open pattern, U4 has tightest

Ü0 – cylinder/ Skeet* (in your face, out to 28 yards)

Ü1 – Skeet/Improved Cylinder* (out to 35 yards)

Ü2 – Light Modified/Modified* (out to 50 yards)

Ü3 – Modified/Improved Modified* (out to 65 yards)

Ü4 – Full/Extra Full (beyond 65 yards)

The labeling of constrictions is a little bit different than other chokes. For example, our  U1 will give a Skeet diameter outer fringe pattern. But, it will also  break targets as far and hard as an improved Cylinder due to the even pellet distribution.

How much constriction are the U0, U1, U2, U3, U4 in Thousandths of an inch?

As for the constriction measurements, it is different for every gun due to Jim making gun specific pattern geometry for each gun.

Jimmy Muller made the Constriction amounts different for each gun make and model based on how that gun performed, so thousandths of an inch is different for every type of gun.  As an average they are approx as follows:

U0 = .002",U1 = .005", U2 = .012", U3 = .022", U4 = .035


What is the difference between Featherlite or Stainless Steel?


Stainless Steel:

What Choke Should I Buy?

American Skeet- Ü0 (2 U0 for over/under guns)


American Trap, Doubles - Ü1/Ü2


Ü2 –  16 yard line

Ü3 – for Handicap (17 - 27 yard line)


Sporting Clays - typically a Ü0/Ü1, Ü1/Ü2 or Ü2/Ü2 combo

Ü0/Ü1 – for close targets inside 30 yards.

Ü1/Ü2 – for “normal courses” out to 40 yards.

Ü2/Ü2 – for “challenging courses” out to 50 yards.

Ü2/Ü3 – for “difficult courses” out to 60 yards.

Ü3/Ü4 for “Pro courses” past 60 yards.

3 Gun:  Specifically for 3 Gun Competitions

Made of Hardened Stainless Steel,  so they have no limits on shot size, can be used with Slugs & Buckshot.

HOSER - Inside 25 yards, similar to our U0 (Cylinder/Skeet)

FAR - for precision targets, has far and tight pattern, similar to our U3 (Modified)


DECOY – inside 35 yards (good for over Decoys or closer shots)

PASSING – 35-50 yards

ÜFO/TÜRKEY - beyond 50 yards


Ammo/Other Info

  • In regards to Feet Per Second:  Lead Shot under 1260 FPS is best, For Steel Shot and Tungsten Shot for Waterfowl Hunting, 1400 FPS or less for the best pattern, any velocity exceeding this will start to blow patterns and open them up more than wanted. This is true for any choke, not just Muller Chokes. This is caused by Physics.

  • Back Boring:  When a gunsmith or machinist bores or hones out the barrel I.D. (inside diameter) to make it larger in size.  This causes a major choke tube issue! You can no longer shoot a “standard choke” that is made for that model shotgun.  It now would require custom chokes forever. (Jim does not recommend)

  • We do have back bored barrel chokes for Beretta MOBIL and K80 guns, email info@mullerchokes for details.

  • Cleaning:

    Lapping Compound:  Just apply a small amount to the thread area and using the wrench, spin choke in and out until it fits all the way in perfectly. Then oil choke and wipe off lapping compound.

    Loosening chokes


    We have a 60 day money back guarantee. If you would like to return the chokes, please include a note specifying this in the package. 

    If you need to exchange a choke for a make of choke or constriction, please include a note specifying this exchange as well.

    Please send packages to our office address:

    1639 S. 8th Street,

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