Muller's Choke Tube Interchange List

Which Choke Fits My Gun?

Please note: We do not make chokes for any guns that have after market threaded barrels for thin wall chokes.
*If you do not see your gun on this list, or are unsure of what choke you need from this list, please, please, please send a picture of a factory choke next to a ruler or tape measure you have to

Benelli Guns:

STANDARD/Beretta MOBIL: 2” from gas skirt to top of thread, threads are flush to muzzle.

CRIO: 2-3/4” long from gas skirt to top of thread, threads flush to muzzle.

No longer being used, these gun barrels no longer being made.

: 2” from gas skirt to top of thread plus a 3/4” smooth diameter above thread to top of muzzle for a total length of 2-3/4”.  Threads in barrel start 3/4” down inside barrel. Bore diameter is .722

This is the most common choke that most Benelli’s take and all current produced guns EXCEPT for Nova & Super Nova which take Beretta MOBIL/ Benelli Standard.

Benelli 20 & 28 Gauges : Most are Crio+ which we do make in 20 gauge, but do not yet make in 28 Ga.  Some are MOBIL which we do make. Please ask us.  If threads are flush to muzzle, it is Mobil.  If threads are not flush to muzzle it is Crio+.  Guns in .410 are Beretta MOBIL and we do have them in stock.

Beretta Guns:  

(All guns 2011 and newer take OPT HP Chokes, except A300 which is MOBIL)

MOBIL: 2” from gas skirt to top of thread, threads flush to muzzle.

OPTIMA: 2-3/4” from gas skirt to top of threads, threads flush to muzzle. Barrel usually has a Counter Bore, no threads for first 1/8”, but chokes have threads flush to extended head.

OPTIMA+ (Optima Plus): Looks identical to Benelli Crio+ except bore diameter is .732, this was the original hunting gun choke for older Extremas and some 391 Teknys Field guns.  These guns are Not in production anymore. Older than 2011

OPT HP (Optima High Performance):  NOT to be confused or mistaken or mixed with Optima!! Optima and Optima HP are NOT interchangeable and will blow the barrel if an OPT HP is screwed into an Optima barrel.

Beretta SUB GAUGE 20 Ga & 28 Ga: MOST, BUT NOT ALL newer guns from 2011 take OPT HP, MOST older models prior to 2011 take Mobil, also, all .410 Beretta's take MOBIL Choke.


725 20 & 28 take INV DS which we do not make, the 725 .410 takes INV .410 which we do have.

Blaser guns:

BLASER: All Blaser models take one choke named BLASER Choke.


BLASER 20: All 20 gauge models

BLASER 28: All 28 gauge models

BLASER .410: All .410 models

Browning & Winchester guns:

INVECTOR (Short Series/Standard): 1-1/2” long from gas skirt to muzzle.

INV+ (Invector Plus): 2-1/2” long from gas skirt to muzzle, V threads at bottom.

INV DS (Invector Double Seal):  3.1” long from gas skirt to muzzle, threads flush to muzzle.  This is the newest Browning Choke that is only in 2 guns

Browning/Winchester SUB GAUGE: 725 20 & 28 take INV DS which we do not make, the 725 .410 takes INV .410 which we do have.

Most Sub Gauge Browning's take the chokes we make which we call Invector 20, 28, .410

Older Browning Sweet 16’s take Invector 16 that we have, the newer 725 INV DS 16  we do not make.

Caesar Guerini guns:

SELECTA: 2” from Gas skirt to Muzzle, threads start approx 3/8” down inside barrel.  This is old style prior to 2008 all models.

MAXIS: 2-7/16” long from Gas skirt to muzzle, threads are flush to muzzle.  This is for all newer production guns since 2008

Caesar Guerini SUB GAUGE:

CG 20: ALL Caesar Guerini 20 Gauge models

CG 28: ALL Caesar Guerini 28 Gauge models

Fabarm guns:

SELECTA:  (See Caesar Guerini for description) Some Older Fabarm models

EXIS HP:  3.3” long from Gas skirt to muzzle

All newer Fabarm models since 2011

Franchi guns:

Beretta MOBIL:Most Franchi Guns including Instinct, Intensity

NOT including: Franchi Highlander, Sporting SL O/U, SXS

Benelli CRIO+:Affinity (only first shipments* all newer take MOBIL), Sporting models (Franchi I-12 Sporting)

Krieghoff guns:

K80: ALL 12 gauge Krieghoff models, K32, and KX-6

Krieghoff SUB GAUGE:

K20: ALL Krieghoff 20 gauge barrels

K28: ALL Krieghoff 28 gauge barrels

K410: ALL Krieghoff .410 barrels


MOSS 930/940: Mossberg 930 & 940

*see our H20 Waterfowl/Hunting series.

We currently do not make chokes for 835 or 935, but will soon.

Mobil:Silver series including Silver Reserve 2, Onyx series

Perazzi guns 18.4:

Generation 4 barrels, 18.4 bore = .724 diameter bore

Perazzi guns 18.7:

Generation 4 barrels, 18.7 bore = .736 diameter bore

An 18.6 barrel will also take 18.7 choke

Remington guns:

REM CHOKE: V threads at bottom of choke near gas skirt. Older Models.870, 1100, 11-87, 887, V3

REM PRO (Pro Bore): Acme thread flush to muzzle. Newer Models.

Newer model competition guns, 1100 Competition, 11-87 Competition, Versa Max, 105 CTI, G3, Premier Over/Under, 870 Bone Collector.

*see our H20 Waterfowl/Hunting series.


Invector (Win) choke: Stoeger Coach, Condor, Grand, Uplander, STF 3000, and Stoeger single barrel

Beretta/Benelli Mobil:The Stoeger 2000 Semi-Auto, P-350 pump, 3500, M3000

Tristar guns:

Beretta/Benelli Mobil:Phantom, Viper 3”, Cobra, Setter, Hunter, Raptor, TT-15

Benelli Crio+:Viper 3.5” 


Browning Invector (win): SA-08, PA-08, Athena, Orion, Element

Benelli CRIO+: 18i

Winchester guns: See Browning

Zoli guns:

ZOLI: ALL Zoli Guns take the ZOLI choke series.


ZOLI 20:All Zoli 20 gauge barrels

ZOLI 28: All Zoli 28 gauge barrels


Sub Gauge we carry

16g -  Sweet 16 (older) Browning INVECTOR

20g - Benelli CRIO+, Browning INV+, Krieghoff K20, BERETTA OPT HP, Beretta-MOBIL, ZOLI, BLASER, CAESAR GUERINI.

28g – CAESAR GUERINI, Beretta OPT HP, Beretta MOBIL, Browning INVECTOR, Krieghoff K28, BLASER, ZOLI.

.410 – Krieghoff (K410), BLASER, Browning INVECTOR, Beretta MOBIL.


*We are not responsible if you choose the incorrect choke for your gun. Please always check with manual or manufacturer or qualified Gunsmith to confirm choke choice. If you buy a used sure you know what the bore diameter is to be sure you know whether or not it was back bored.