Donald Story Jr.

March 22, 2022

My journey with Muller Chokes started in the spring of 2018, I had just booked my King Eider trip to St. Paul, Alaska.  After speaking with Charlie Summerville, owner of Aleutian Island Waterfowlers, he told me I need to be prepared to shoot 50+ yards. Up to that point I had never shot beyond about 35 yards, so patterning a shot gun was not something I had done before. After an initial pattern at 40 yards with my Beretta Extema2 and a choke manufacture I had used since I was a young teenager, I was very disappointed. I spoke with a good friend of mine who shot competition much more than I did, he recommended Muller Chokes. I purchased a Muller UFO choke and put my gun to paper, and I found the pattern I was looking for along with being highly impressed at the pattern. 

This brings me to the great customer service and knowledge that Muller offers. After finding the pattern I was looking for I found another problem. My Beretta was shooting 2 ½ feet high and left, I did a lot of looking I decided that going to a Benelli was a decision that was best and have not looked back since. I called Muller and told the lady (my apologies for forgetting her name) what I had happened and that I needed to purchase another choke. She asked me what gun I had bought, so I told her as well as I would like to stay with the UFO due to it throwing an incredible pattern and she said ok. A few days later a received my new choke for my SBE3 and a return envelope with prepaid shipping, to return the choke I had tried in my Extrema2. I called back and began to tell her that my credit card had not been charged, she told me not to worry about it and that she was happy Muller could help.

              Fast forward 2 years and a good friend of mine from South Carolina told me he was going to St. Paul as well and he could find a choke to pattern like he had hoped. I mailed him my Muller UFO, he called me once he received it and patterned the choke, with extreme excitement. He did not have time to buy a choke and have it shipped before he left so he took my choke to St. Paul. Now almost 3 years later my Muller chokes have been to St. Paul, Alaska twice to hunt King Eider, Cold Bay, Alaska to shoot my non-resident Emperor Goose and Pacific Eider, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Nevada for Tundra Swan and almost every place in between.

My Muller Chokes and Benelli SBE3 are 7 birds shy of shooting the 41 and I could not be happier with them and will shoot nothing else.

     - Donald Story Jr.