Phil Hallam

March 23, 2022

I recently bought a U2 choke from you, I had 1 U2 choke before that I acquired now I have a set. I shoot a Browning 725 sporting o/u which takes the investor D/S choke. Our recent sporting clay shoot I put the two U2, same ammo, changed nothing except the chokes. Our club has a reputation as challenging and I’ve been an average shooter for years. Well my personal score jumped 23% and 8% over club average on that day, highest score I’ve ever had, to say I’m surprised is an understatement. I didn’t go out with any expectations one way or the other, not only that the most beautiful breaks I’ve ever seen, just awesome no matter what the range. I’ve tried different choke restrictions over the years either over kill or poor breaks. I’ve read some of the testimonies about the Muller choke but couldn’t believe it till I seen it myself, I won’t be using any other choke on the sporting course.


     - Phil "Buzzard" Hallam