James JW Beck

February 26, 2016

I am a master sporting clay shooter and have shot competition trap and sporting clays for over 40 years. I have shot on the US Army shooting team and won a silver medal in the World Championships in Italy and a bronze medal in the World Championships in Spain in International Bunker Trap. I have lead the nation in 16 yd trap with a .9960 average in 1974. I just received a set of U2 and U3 muller chokes and Jim Müller's product is second to none. I have shot all kinds of aftermarket chokes in my lifetime and none can compare with the Müller for shot on pattern and pattern consistency. I really enjoy the breaks I get with both the U2 and U3 Müller Chokes at distances beyond what Jim Muller indicates. This is the cleanest most reliable patterning choke system I have shot in my lifetime. Thank you, Jim Muller, for the best choke system I have ever shot.

-James JW Beck, NSCA #546265