Walter Folds

February 26, 2016

Last weekend, I patterned my Benelli SuperSort and a Müller UFO choke to be used for Turkey hunting. I was going to test another manufactures choke at the same time, but shot the UFO first. At 40 yards I set up a 4’X4’ NRA pattern sheet and put a 12" shoot-n-see target in the center. The load tested was a 3" Winchester Long Beard XL #5 shot shell. I was amazed at the number of shot completely covering the 12" shoot-n-see center. There were a few shots on the perimeter, but the consideration on the shoot-n-see was impressive so much so that I didn't even shoot the second tube. I cannot see how I could get any better coverage with the other choke and it was returned yesterday. One thing for sure, the UFO will equate to a dead Turkey as long as I do my part. I was a little apprehensive because of the price of the choke, but after testing, my personal opinion is that it was money well spent. Thanks, Jimmy, I am a fan.

-Walter Folds