March 22, 2022

I was first introduced to competitive shooting at the age of 16 as a sophomore in high school through my father at a Game and Fish expo. After this experience, I joined the youth trapshooting team in my city.  I stayed involved in that program until I graduated. Even though I have come into this sport at an older age, I have learned so much and been given a drive to succeed in all aspects of life. I was then recruited to shoot for a college team, where I have continued to learn and grow as a shooter. My next goal is to make the USA national team for Bunker trap.

  When I am not shooting, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family who have always supported me in my journey to reach my full potential. I also enjoy hunting, hiking, and paddle boarding when I can find the time to do so.

     -Tristin Duff

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Instagram: tristin_duff