May 10, 2022

My name is Joshua Pollard, I own and operate Wyboo Custom Gunworks. I Specialize in custom hunting and long-range rifles, along with general gunsmithing. I grew up hunting in South Carolina and while my hunting has taken me many places this is still my home. My parents joke that I grew up with a shotgun in my hand, but I believe there is more truth to that than not. Hunting was what we did from squirrels to deer I spent my days toting my dad’s Belgium A5 around. He quickly decided it was a better financial decision to get me my gun so his could remain in one piece. That day my newfound passion of shot gunning became a lifetime addiction with one Remington 870. A few years filled with duck and dove hunting behind me I picked up a job at a local waterfowl plantation and started guiding clients on different duck hunts.

 I went off to college at Clemson University and that’s where I picked up competition sporting clays. To be completely honest I may have lied to coach Rick Willey that I had shot registered clays before trying to join the team but I’m sure he quickly realized I was lost when I stepped in the first box. He taught me more about shooting a shotgun than I ever would have thought. After graduation I had to join the real world, so it was back to hunting and shooting on the weekends.  Thankfully with work I’m given the opportunity to take some trips hunting in different places. Somewhere along the way I picked up a new hobby or precision rifle shooting and started building my own rifles. As I was teaching myself how to reload and study chronographs for my rifle stuff, I thought maybe I could do the same with my shotgun shells. I started pattern and velocity testing heavily which has allowed me to shoot a lot of chokes and shot combinations.

Eventually my dad and brother talked me into trying to start my own business to try and make some extra money with all the time I spent on my hobbies. I decided hand building rifles and ammo would be my focus and created Wyboo Custom Gunworks. I still work my full time job and have everything else on the side I hope to soon be able to take my company to some new levels.

     - Joshua Pollard

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