.[CRIO+] 20 gauge LIMITED EDITION DESERT SAND DÜV used for Benelli/Breda CRIO+


Extension Length: 3/4"

Constriction Guide:

DÜV: The Ültimate for doves & Pigeons, whether you are after White Wing, Mourning, Eared doves or Pigeons. Proven on 100's of thousands in Argentina to be the best on all distances from in your face, out to 50 yards.

No ammo limits. Lead, Steel, Bismuth, TSS, Etc.

No Limits! Compatible with ALL Target & Hunting ammunition, including Turkey Loads, Buckshot, Slugs, Steel Shot, Hevi Shot, Tungsten, TSS, Kent, Fasteel, Bismuth, ITX, Winchester Blindside, Federal Black Cloud, Remington Nitro Steel, for Deer, Dove & Quail, Pheasant, Turkey, Duck Hunting, Ducks, Goose Hunting, Geese, Snow Goose, Sea Ducks. (Slugs not to be used with TURKEY)

Muller Chokes is not responsible for incorrect choke selection. If you are unsure what choke your barrel takes, please check with a reputable gun smith.


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