[BLASER] 28 gauge Featherlite Competition Choke Tube used for BLASER

Constriction Guide:

U0: Cylinder/Skeet
U1: Skeet/Improved Cylinder 
U2: Light Modified/Modified 
U3: Modified/Improved Modified 
U4: Full/Extra Full

U0 is good out to 28 yards.

U1 is good out to 35 yards

U2 is good out to 45 yards

U3 is good out to 60 yards

U4 is good beyond 60 yards

 Muller Chokes is not responsible for incorrect choke selection.  If you are unsure what your barrel takes, please check with a reputable gunsmith.

PLEASE NOTE: All Featherlite Choke Tubes are not to be used with any shot larger than #7. Also, Please do not use loads larger than 1 1/8 oz or TSS. Failing to adhere to these guidelines could result in voiding the warranty.