.[OPTIMA HP] 12 gauge Stainless Steel/Ceramic 3-GUN Competition Choke Tube used for Beretta OPTIMA HP

Constriction Guide:


FAR (Your choice for Buckshot & Slugs for Precision Targets)

Specially designed for 3-Gun.  Also Compatible with ALL Target & Hunting ammunition, including Buckshot, Slugs, Steel Shot, Hevi Shot, Tungsten, TSS, Kent, Fasteel, Bismuth, ITX, Winchester Blindside, Federal Black Cloud, Remington Nitro Steel, for Deer, Dove & Quail, Pheasant, Turkey, Duck Hunting, Ducks, Goose Hunting, Geese, Snow Goose, Sea Ducks.


Muller Chokes is not responsible for incorrect choke selection. If you are unsure what choke your barrel takes, please check with a reputable gun smith. 


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