Ryan Pena

March 17, 2022

 Hi, my name is Ryan Pena and Muller Chokes have changed my shooting game for the better. The first time I used muller chokes I was stunned about how hard the targets were breaking just from the change of chokes. I never thought there was a big difference in brands of chokes, I always thought that it was just looks that people go far but once I used Muller chokes, I knew these were the chokes for me. The First time I used Muller chokes it was at the Texas State 4H championship and Jimmy Muller gave me some chokes to demo out for skeet. I shot the best round I ever have, and it was the first time using those chokes. Right after the event I went straight back to Jimmy because I knew I need a set of chokes for my Blaser F3. Jimmy made me a believer that his Chokes were the best patterning chokes out there and I will never go back to my old chokes. I never have a doubt in my mind about what chokes I need to have in once I’m on the line because I know Muller Chokes will never fail me. I want to give a special thanks to the Muller staff and Jimmy Muller for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the best choke team out there!

       - Ryan Pena