July 13, 2023

My name is Larry Leemon. I live in South Carolina; originally from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan & lived in Wisconsin a number of years. I’m a 3rd-generation clay shooter. I started shooting trap when I was 9 years old… my score was 9/25; more importantly, I was hooked & have been shooting ever since!  I’ve now been competitively shooting clays for over 35 years. 

Our family has always been involved in getting kids to enjoy hunting & the clay disciplines. After my father’s passing in 2012, I founded Clays For A Cure. Our focus is to bring awareness to Type 1 Diabetes & Youth Safety Education through the shooting sports. 

About 10 years ago, I took it upon myself to do some independent testing of various shotgun choke tubes. I tested most all the major manufacturers & all the various types of chokes (flush, extended, etc.). All were shot on a patterning board as well as live clay shooting in all types of weather conditions; from hot SC summers to snowy MI winters. Müller repeatedly provided a level consistently & outperformed all others! Needless to say, purchasing all the different manufacturers & types of chokes cost me A LOT of money & time.

Save yourself both & get the best... Müller! The ONLY chokes I carry in my range bag!


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