April 05, 2022

My name is DJ Story and I grew up south of Ft. Worth in Johnson county. I work in the natural gas industry and I have for well over a decade. My wife, Laci, and I have been married for 6 years , together going on 14. We have 3 children, Easton 10, Briley 7 and Brant is on the way. I have been wing shooting since I was a small child shooting dove in our back pasture with my dad to shooting wood ducks in the creek of our deer lease in Limestone county, before I could drive.  Once I could drive I began to buy decoys, blinds etc. to hunt ducks the traditional way over decoys. I travel all over the great USA in pursuit of all types of wing shooting, from Kings on the Bearing Sea to quail in the deserts and mountains of NM to sea ducks in the North East. I have plans to begin to travel the world in pursuit of all the beautiful birds the world has to offer. I love Müller Chokes and couldn’t be happier to be in this partnership with them and all the great people they are associated with. 


     - DJ Story


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