September 23, 2022

H2O Waterfowl/Hunting Chokes Technical Specifications:

The Muller Chokes H2O Waterfowl/Hunting choke tubes are the most Revolutionary Hunting Choke Tubes. They are manufactured from Military Spec 17-4 PH Stainless Steel and hardened to H900 Condition, creating the hardest stainless steel choke on the market. This hardening process is done AFTER the chokes are machined, allowing the greatest hardness and tensile strength above the limits of your shotgun barrel. This benefits the end user in ways no choke tube has ever been capable of and is designed primarily for killing Ducks, Geese, Turkey, Big Game, and Field Birds.

This is the only Waterfowl Choke on the market with NO LIMITS, the most devastating killing patterns in the industry, and a 60-Day No Risk Money Back Guarantee, so you can try it out for two months and see the impressive results for yourself. Non-glare & rust proof. Go ahead and shoot any shot material, payload, velocity, and wad style.

H2O Waterfowl/Hunting Chokes come in 3 constrictions: