Your questions about Muller Chokes answered Part I

After shooters use Muller Chokes for some time I always get asked the same three questions:  Why do your chokes never work their way loose between stations?  How do they stay so clean?  How is it possible to be able to get such hard, consistent breaks at extreme ranges for the amount of constriction?

These questions are being asked because shooters are not used to having these benefits from the conventional choke manufacturers such as Briley, Comp-N-Choke, Extreme Chokes, Rhino, Kicks, Seminole, Teague and Pure Gold just to name a few.

I will answer these three questions over the course of my next three posts.  Let's start with the first one which is why Muller Chokes stay firmly screwed into the gun barrel.

Loosening/not loosening:  All conventional chokes made by companies above are made of the old 17-4 ph stainless steel concept, while most shotgun barrels are made of 4140 steel.  Both the choke and the barrel heat up during shooting.  Because they are both "steels" per se, they heat up at approx the same rate.  However, this is not true of the cooling process.  The two materials have different contraction rates. When steel gets hot, it grows, when it cools, it shrinks.  Although it may only be a few thousandths of an inch, the two materials shrink at different rates, which in turn, causes a gap between choke tube and barrel.  Then, another shot is fired and more loosening occurs.  Before you know it, the choke is loosened several turns or more.  Muller Chokes will not do that because they dissipate heat so rapidly--it is almost as if they remain cool at all times thereby remaining as ONE with your barrel.

Tomorrow, I will address the second of the three most commonly asked questions listed above.

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Shoot clays and love it. I am looking at U2 & U3 for my 625. How would these fit the traditional choke skeme: Cyl / Sk / IC / Lt Mod / Mod / I Mod / F?

Posted by Aubrey on February 25, 2014

Hi Jordan, I just had our constriction guide emailed to you. I plan to post it to the blog this week. Let me know if you have questions.

Posted by Jimmy Muller on January 28, 2013

Hi Steve, Sorry for the delay. I have been away. Yes…we DO have waterfowl chokes for your A400. They are in transit to our distribution office. I expect that we will be ready to ship them in 7-10 days. Please note that ALL Beretta A400 guns take the newer Optima HP chokes and NOT Optima Plus.

Thanks for your inquiry and I am glad you are pleased with the U1 featherlite!


Posted by Jimmy Muller on October 17, 2012

Right optima hp . Its mid november now and the migratory bird season will be open again soon .Will be steel shot chokes be available here soon? thanks again steve.

Posted by steve on November 15, 2012

I am interested in a waterfowl/skeet choke. I like the pattern I get from my carlsons extended sporting clays light modified. What would be your closest choke to the carlsons light modified sporting clays that I can use for both lead and steel in benelli ( Mobil) I usually shoot 3s and 4s in steel

Posted by Jordan Hollingsworth on January 20, 2013

Yes, Put channel locks on the head of it and start cranking. It will destroy the ceramic coating, but it will come out. These chokes are ONLY to be used for target shooting. Steel shot and other non-toxic shot to size #6 shot maximum. Our waterfowl chokes are coming out this year. Sorry you were not aware the featherlites are not intended for steel shot.

Posted by Jimmy Muller on May 30, 2012

U1: .727
U2: .720
U3: .710
Our lifetime warranty is for any defects or workmanship issues. If the choke is to specs, but it doesn’t quite suit your pattern preference, we cannot give you a full refund, but we will work with you if you made the wrong choice for your application. We want you to be happy with our product. Thats the bottom line.

Posted by Jimmy Muller on May 30, 2012

I saw that you are coming out with the waterfowl chokes for steel shot . Do you have an idea when they are going to be available . I would like to get one for my beretta A400 optima plus . Thanks , I love my U1 for sporting clays.

Posted by steve on October 13, 2012

Briley makes a good choke too.

Posted by Jimmy Muller on May 30, 2012

I love your chokes, I was out breaking some clays today with my U1.
I really enjoy waterfowl hunting.
I have a U1 on my Beretta A400, Can I run steel shot through this choke? I have some blackcloud #2shot that I want to use for geese.
Everyone is amazed at how awesome your chokes are, how light. Today while shooting skeet, the puller asked me if I was using a full choke…LOL!!!
Thanks again for a great product.

Posted by Vin on February 18, 2012

Thanks for the positive feedback Vin. I do not recommend using Steel any larger than #6 thru that choke. It is designed for target shooting only. However, we are coming out with our Waterfowl and Turkey Chokes this year. You can email us your info and we will put you into our waterfowl contact database. we will contact you when ready. There will be 3 constrictions. Decoy, Passing and beyond passing. They pattern Black Cloud amazingly well. They are worth the wait. I have been a Waterfowl hunter since the age of 5.

Posted by Jimmy Muller on May 30, 2012

Jim I have been using you Muller 2 & 3 for my 101 diamond and having very good luck with them. However we are shooting some very long ranges and thinking about your # 4 choke. Can you tell me what the bore ID is. Thank you Bill

Posted by Bill Elliott on November 06, 2011

That bore ID is .695. Thanks for the comment!

Posted by Jimmy Muller on November 10, 2011

Jim, I have a U1 which I am currently patterning in my Optima Bore Beretta. Can you tell what the bore I.D. is of the U2 and U3.

I am sure the U1 will pattern well, but just in case. Can you tell me what your refund policy is should I find the pattern results less than optimal for my application.

Thank you, Dave

Posted by Dave on November 16, 2011

Steve, I’m so glad you like them!

Posted by Jimmy Muller on February 01, 2011

I ordered and used your U1 for Trap and Skeet. Like it very much. Great breaks in Skeet and same for Trap. I still have a problem with the choke coming loose. I have a Beretta Extrema 2 that uses an Optima Plus choke and loosening chokes has always been a problem with this gun. Do you have any suggestions for a cure??


Posted by Ron on August 25, 2011

Muller Chokes are now being shot by 3 Team TargetLine members, Olympian Sean McLelland, All Americans David Niederer and Shea Self. After watching 1000s of shots from their guns I am a believer. Muller chokes do what they claim without a doubt. They are amazing.

Posted by Steve Schultz on February 01, 2011

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