For those who think chokes don't really matter...think again.

For years I've heard so many people talk about how chokes matter and how they don't.  I would like to clarify to everyone what the difference is in chokes and patterns and what makes them advantageous or not for shotgun sports.  The main reason I want to talk about this topic is because so many people regardless of age, gender or skill level truly feel that if you put the muzzle in the correct place the clay will break no matter what choke is in your barrel!  This is by far the most misunderstood and false statement a shooter could make.  Let me explain why.

Lets start by looking at it in a simple way,  When you go to a big registered event, lets say your State Championships, US Open, Nationals, etc.  Would you be comfortable competing in the main Sporting Clays event or FITASC event using a .410 or 28 gauge??  Probably NOT,  I imagine most competitors would choose their old reliable big bore 12 gauge....right??  WHY??  Because it produces a bigger pattern which allows a larger margin of error for the shooter!!! pattern does matter!!  NOW that I have your attention,  lets look at what I mean here exactly.

Lets say you are not shooting Muller Chokes yet, but are still shooting one of the "well known" chokes tubes out there on the market such as a Comp-n-Choke, Kicks, Rhino, Pure Gold, Briley, etc.  IF you have ever patterned your chokes (which by the way is another very important topic I will be discussing in my next post) you will notice that many of these chokes produce whats referred to as a "HOT CORE" pattern which is where you have a very dense inner core where no target would ever have a chance of surviving,  then, there is the "OUTER FRINGE"  this is where things matter when it comes to patterns and chokes.  You see,  if you do not mind shooting a hot cored choke then so be it, but be forewarned, your "EFFECTIVE" pattern is basically no larger than a good 28 gauge pattern at most distances, some very hot cored chokes are no more effective than a .410 pattern.  The reason for this is because if your on the target you smoke it because there are so many pellets in the hot core, which is usually only approx 20 - 24 inches in diameter at its most effective distance for that given choke, if the target is closer than the optimal distance for that given constriction then it will be even smaller, maybe only 12 inches, which by the way is less than a good .410 pattern my friends!

Now lets touch on what this hot core means to the outer fringe.  The reason a hot core developes is because many pellets shot thru conventional chokes are damaged and deformed before they leave the muzzle. Among other things, the causes can be due to inferior choke geometry, inconsistent geometry,  material, surface finish, etc.  for the specific bore diameter of your shotgun. Therefore you lose many pellets that never stay in the pattern.  These are called "Flyers."  These pellets that were damaged and flew irregularly when exposed to the extreme forces of friction when hitting the air upon exiting your muzzle, were SUPPOSED to make up the outer fringe of your big 12 gauge pattern. You NEED them because they provide you with a larger margin of error on your lead to help you break the target more consistently.

So basically, there you have it, in a nut shell the effective diameter of a hot cored choke is no better than shooting a sub gauge gun.  THIS is something that I, as a serious competitor and hunter could not deal with. I knew there had to be a way to obtain a serious big bore 12 gauge pattern with an effective, consistent and predictable outer fringe pattern. This larger margin of error produces an advantage over other competitors,  and that is how Muller Chokes was born.

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Kolars are finally becoming a reality. Our inventory levels are soon going to be safe for all the guns we make, therefore I will be able to make some “new” gun configurations shortly and the Kolar’s are on top of my list in both .740 bore and .750 bore. Keep an eye on our website and for even sooner info, go to our MULLER forum on

Posted by Jimmy M on January 31, 2014

Evening Jim,
I sure like my Kolar, well made piece of machinery. Mine is a Max SC with .750 barrels. Do you make tubes for these barrels? Father’s Day is coming up and it would be nice for the kids to get in on the DADS2013 discount for a pair of U2’s.
Big Frank

Posted by Frank Lovell on May 30, 2013

Hi Big Frank, I am also a fan of Kolar. I do not produce our Featherlite Chokes for the Kolar .750 barrel. I am hoping that when an opening in our production schedule occurs, to make a standard weight choke for your gun. The .750 bore requires a choke with such a thin wall that the ceramic doesn’t have enough surface to build on at the base of the choke. While it doesn’t affect the performance of the choke, it doesn’t measure up to my standards of quality. However, with the new Kolar .740 bore, I do plan to produce Featherlites very soon.

Thanks so much for your interest and inquiry.


Posted by Jimmy Muller on June 03, 2013

If I were to buy only two chokes for my OU for sporting clays which two would you reccomend?

Posted by Mark Heskett on March 29, 2013

Mark, I apologize for the delay in responding to you. I would recommend our U2 chokes. For sporting clays, I generally put my U2s in and I am set.

Posted by Jimmy Muller on May 28, 2013

Hi Joe,

Sorry for the delay in my response. Do you remember when you purchased your chokes? You should not have any build-up in my chokes. However, we had a small batch about 18 months (or more) ago which we discovered to be problematic due to dirt/grime in the tanks they were coated in. I am happy to replace them for you. I apologize for the inconvenience. I will have Maralee email you to find out what chokes you are having problems with so that we can replace them for you.


Posted by Jimmy Muller on June 19, 2012

Just bought a U2 and U3. After trying them I was amazed at how far off I could be and still break the target even with the U3 at about 35 yards. I’ve never seen this before with any other choke tube. I just love the fact that I don’t have to clean them. The ported tubes got so dirty and built up about 5 thousands worth of plastic which I knew was changing the constriction, pattern and POI which always bugged me. Thanks for the info on the ammo velocity and shot roundness. These will be the only choke tubes you’ll see in my gun. Just wish my competition didn’t know about them because they will definitly improve your scores.

Posted by Dale on July 19, 2012

hi Mr muller, im intresting in buying a choke for hunting woodcocks in greece between the deep forests or thick bushes, with my dogs ,so do you make any choke similar to cylinder or super cylinder for blaser f3? secondly which choke would you suggest me for beretta A400 light for chukar hunting with dogs too? Thank you

Posted by thomas baz on May 26, 2012

Hi Thomas. I would recommend our U0 for your Blaser. It is the best Woodcock choke available. Absolutely awesome with #9 or #8.5 shot.
Hunting Chukar with your A400, I would use a U2. Order Optima HP for that gun. Good luck chasing those Chukar downhill.

Posted by Jimmy Muller on May 30, 2012

Hi Tony, I just sent you an email with info to return for full replacement! I am sorry that happened. It is extremely rare for that sort of thing for us due to our quality control, but it can happen. My apologies that it happened to you!

Posted by Jimmy Muller on May 30, 2012

Jim, my muller chokes work awesome. but they are getting some build up from many thousand shots fired, I train for international skeet and really like them.

how do suggest we keep them clean? I usually soak them in hopped and then use some scotchbrite in a drill to remove the remaining buildup.. please advise.

joe mariné

Posted by JOE MARINE on June 05, 2012

Hi Jim, I am trying to contact you for a U1 choke replacement as it is out of round.Due to me not screwing the choke all the way in.I have left several voice mails and emails.Can you shoot me an email or call me to assist me as I have several state championships coming up and like your chokes.Thanks!

Posted by tony greenberg on July 01, 2011

my gun bag and chokes were stolen-
so I need to replace 2 sets of chokes
both 12 guage 391 beretta
one set = mobile choke- modified by Seminole chokes = means the threads are deeper into the barrel

one set = optima barrel

interested in trying a set of Mullers if possible

Posted by stan williams on August 28, 2011

Hi Stan, Sorry for the delay in responding. Please call our office at 1.866.878.9851 and we can help you. Sorry to hear about your gun bag! Unconscionable!!! Some people!

Posted by Jimmy Muller on September 12, 2011

Thanks Eric, I am happy you like them. You bring up three important bonuses that Muller Chokes provide that nobody elses can. Many people ask me how my chokes stay so clean and how they do not loosen like all other conventional chokes on the market such as Briley, Comp-N-Choke, Extreme Chokes, Teague, Kicks, Pure Gold, Carlsons, Rhino, etc. I decided to explain these beneficial components on my newest blog post called “The Ins and Outs of Muller Chokes”. Check it out.

Posted by Jimmy Muller on January 29, 2011

Hey Jim, well I am going to try a set of your chokes and see for myself. As an instructor, you would like to give your students every advantage you can give them, but like golf, if they can’t hit it straight, you would not tell them to go out and buy the newest driver, and that will cure things. That being said, there is a big difference between a “gimick” and an “advantage”, so I can’t wait to pattern your chokes against the Briley Spectrum’s I currently use. I will let you know the results………If it ever stops snowing.

Posted by Tom Fiumarello on January 31, 2011

Keep me posted. I am confident you will be impressed.

Posted by Jimmy Muller on February 01, 2011

Hi Jim,

Just thought I would tell you how much I love the Zoli chokes. Great fit and I really love the clay breaks I get with them. By the way, I really like the Zoli Kronos especially coupled with your chokes. As you know, I shoot a Kolar Max Sporting Clays, which cost almost three times a much as the Zoli but after shooting the Zoli with Muller chokes I think I am in love with it. We have a registered shoot this weekend and I am thinking I will try the Zoli.

Anyway, I love your chokes.

Posted by John Sullivan on February 04, 2011

Sorry Sulema, We write this ourselves based on actual data and many years of experience about shooting sports and our product, therefore, anything outside of this venue, we cannot be of any help, but thanks for asking!

Posted by Jimmy Muller on January 23, 2011

If you’re serious about your shooting and aren’t shooting Muller chokes you owe it to yourself to try them…then you will soon be using them. The U2 will absolutely crush a 50 yd. on edge target. The fact that they don’t work loose after a few rounds and that they are VERY clean is an added bonus. I’m not affiliated with Muller chokes in any way, I just appreciate a quality product and these tubes are definitely a quality product.

Posted by Eric M. on January 27, 2011

Thanks for the info Jim. I’m really enjoying these informative blog posts so far! Hope you keep them coming.

Posted by Tim Hostetler on January 23, 2011

Now that you are coming out with sub gauge chokes what do you think the “hot core” will be on those compaired to other chokes?

Posted by Sheila on January 23, 2011

Sheila, Thats a great question. Thanks for asking. Just like our 12 Ga chokes, the sub gauge chokes have NO hot core because I am using the same materials and geometry ratios as our 12 Gauge chokes, so what you will get are nice, evenly dispersed patterns from the inner core to the outer fringe!

Posted by Jimmy Muller on January 23, 2011

Awsome post and straight to the point. I don’t know if this is really the best place to ask but do you guys have any ideea where to get some professional writers? Thanks in advance :)

Posted by Sulema Kovalcin on January 22, 2011

MULLER CHOKES just grind up the target. Even if you are off a bit. What I am saying is the pattern MULLER CHOKES produces is excellent.
Dont handicap yourself! If you can open up your pattern for closer range targets by changing your choke, why not.
One target is what separates the winner from the rest.
Luigi Torchia life member N.S.C.A.535386 Mtl.Can.

Posted by luigi torchia on January 22, 2011

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