The TRUTH...from the horses mouth.....!

December 05, 2010

When I was developing Muller Chokes, I wanted a choke tube that would give me a more even usable outer fringe pattern than what other choke manufacturers offered.  As a serious competitor myself, I wanted the advantage of getting all the pellets from the shot shell to the target.   After shooting many thousands of rounds on paper and tens of thousands of targets through 20 different guns and 13 different bore diameters varying from .7190 - .7510, I collected data and made blueprints for each and every one of them.  Every choke tube I produce is based on this data.  And, unlike every other choke tube manufacturer out there, the geometry of my chokes varies based on the barrel diameters they are made for.

I'm not interested in patterns that deliver a hot core so that when you're "on" you smoke the target and when your "off" a little you get either the golden BB break or a clean miss. With Muller Chokes, you get solid consistent breaks even with the outer fringe of the pattern and this is the reason Muller Chokes will help put more X's on your score card and actually increase your average (which, by the way, many shooters are thanking me for on a daily basis, so its not BS in any way). Because the "usable" pattern is now larger than ever before and all the pellets in the shotshell are getting to the target rather than being lost by damaged flyers we now have a pattern that is both big and dense so we can break targets farther with a bigger pattern....THAT is what I am claiming. It is truth based on compiled data and it is not called changing is called a better pattern.

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