Jimmy Muller began selling his revolutionary choke tubes in December of 2009.  The cutting-edged tubes 'triggered' (excuse the pun:) long overdue conversations among shotgun enthusiasts throughout North America.  Online shotgun forums 'lit up' with banter over the validity of Jimmy's 'claims' of having developed and Patented the world's lightest, cleanest, and most consistently patterning choke tube ever made.  Die-hard sportsmen put the claims to the test.  Methods and standards of weighing, patterning and even cleaning choke tubes were debated and examined by well-seasoned and beginner shooters alike.  

As the conversation's  grew, so did the time Jimmy spent on the phone personally addressing questions from prospective customers as well as a handful of nay sayers.  Many questions were answered and new ones were asked.  And, along the way, Jimmy learned that even among the sport's most dedicated professionals and participants, the use of screw-in choke tubes isn't necessarily always well understood.

So, in January 2011, after one very educational year in business, Jim decided to launch this blog to serve as a forum for two things:

  1. To provide and gather information on methods and techniques to improve shooters skills (and scores!).
  2. To promote and grow participation in shotgun sports.

So, if you have something to say, speak up!

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